Adventure outside of your comfort zone. The reward is worth it. – Rapunzel 

Pandora – the world of Avatar might be my favorite place in Animal Kingdom. Everything around you is straight out of the movies. I love the Flight of Passage – where you fly on the back of a Banshee! You wear 3D glasses and hop on what looks kind of like a motorcycle. A back-rest raises, and you are scanned, and become an Avatar. You can feel the air in your face, smell the things around you, and can even feel the Banshee breathing. If you go to Animal Kingdom, you have to ride this!

Africa is home to two of my favorites, Kilimanjaro Safari and Festival of the Lion King. The Festival of a Lion King is a show that is about 30 mins long and includes lots of theatrical elements. The show also includes audience participation and the earlier you get in line, the better seat you will get! If you have a seat closer to the floor, you will be more likely to be chosen to participate. The Tumbling Monkeys are so fun to watch. Kilimanjaro Safari is a safari through the savanna. You board a jeep, and you can see over 30 different species up close! This reserve is built to look as realistic as possible. 

Walking into Asia makes it feel like you are actually traveling to a new continent. Kali River Rapids is perfect for hot summer park days. You are probably going to get wet…really wet! This is designed to feel like you are on a real river rapid adventure. Expedition Everest is my dad’s all-time favorite ride. It’s definitely in my top 2 rides at Animal Kingdom. You are riding a train through the Himalayas trying to avoid the Yeti – until he destroys the tracks… Did you know that the Yeti in the ride was built to move but was too heavy and started damaging the ride’s foundation? So ever since, he’s been stationary.  

Thanks for tuning in this week! Join me next Monday for my favorite rides and attractions in Epcot!