We don’t use nuts but we love coconut! -Erin Makenna

It’s tough being a teen with a sweet tooth and a peanut allergy. Most bakeries use peanuts and use them in the same preparation area as the non-peanut foods, so we don’t take the chance. Food allergies are super tough to deal with, but Disney makes it seem so normal and they take care of you so well. They will do anything to make you feel safe and happy – even make you special meals or desserts!

I love it when Disney has safe foods! I was so surprised when we found out that Erin Makenna’s was allergy friendly. Erin Makenna’s is a bakery that was created in New York but can be found in many locations around the US. One of those locations just happens to be in Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida.

Erin Makenna’s bakery is :

Erin Makenna’s sells some gosh darn good desserts for a reasonable price. I have to go to the bakery every time we are at Disney Springs. Some of our favorites are the pineapple upside-down cakes, cookie sandwiches, and thin mint cookies. Yum!

Join me next week for my favorite places to go in Disney Springs!