Emily Margolen

Travel Professional

Emily lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and three wonderful kitty cats.  She loves planning vacations, outdoor adventures and weekend get-aways for everyone!  

She is a certified Life Support Operator for all of our water animals and people at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  Her career has allowed her to travel for conferences and research trips all over the world.  She visits any zoos and aquariums that she comes across in her travels.  Animal Kingdom is one of her favorite locations!

She has a strong background in customer service and cannot wait to assist with all kinds of magical adventures!

Specializes in...

Walt Disney World

Disney Cruise Line

Universal Studios

Princess Cruise Lines

Behind the Agent

My husband and I love to explore. We frequently take day trips to new hiking destinations around the tri-state. We are avid bird watchers and will spend time trying to identify new species for our list! When we are hopping around we like to explore new places to eat and we like to check out new breweries. I have a sticker collection from all of the places we have visited. We have three kitty cats. Artie, Stubbs and Bean are our cuddle buddies. Each one has a unique personality and we love them! We have entirely too many cat photos.

I would love to travel to Greece. I am a scuba diver and I would love to experience the beautiful oceans around Greece. I would love to explore the amazing food, wine and rich culture.

I have always been passionate about new adventures and experiences. I wanted to provide customer service that shares the knowledge!

I chose The Charming Travel Co. because of their emphasis not only on the customer but the employees. Talking to Gina and Sarah showed me that a great teamwork environment can provide a wonderful and unique experience for the customer!

My travel style is very laid back. While I enjoy planning the unique experiences, I do love having options to make my vacation perfectly well rounded.

My favorite place to eat at Walt Disney World is Epcot during Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival presented by CORKCICLE!