Jaimie Sebeck

Travel Professional

Jaimie is a wife, mom, HR Professional and an adult Disney kid who loves to travel any chance she gets. Though Walt Disney World is her happy place, she also enjoys island hopping while cruising, indulging at all-inclusive resorts, taking beach trips on the East coast, or just spending a weekend camping. When not traveling, she’s perfectly content just being at home relaxing with the family, watching movies, or playing board games.

Specializes in...

Disney Destinations

Universal Studios

All Inclusive


Behind the Agent

I grew up and still currently live in a small town, south of Pittsburgh, PA (GO STEELERS, PENGUINS, AND PIRATES!) Though I love to travel, I enjoy living in the country. My family loves spending time outdoors whether we’re helping on the family dairy farm, fishing, skiing, swimming, trail riding, or just enjoying a good bon-fire. I also love watching my kids do what they love, baseball, basketball, practicing gymnastics, or just goofing off with their friends. Time is precious so I try to enjoy every moment!

Future travel excites me because I look at it as an adventure into the unknown. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle and I’ve always related to her when she sang “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” I love seeing new places and trying different activities and foods. Life is too short and the world is too big to not take time to explore it!

Growing up I looked forward to every family vacation. When the trip was over I couldn’t wait to write about my adventures and immediately wanted to plan the next trip. Though I ended up getting a Degree in Business and HR Management, I still continued to travel and have a passion for vacation planning. As a Travel Professional, I get to use all my professional expertise to help deliver amazing vacations for my clients. I’ve chosen to not just get joy from planning my own vacations, but now I’m thriving more by making dreams come true for others.

I have planned family trips, graduation trips, anniversary trips, birthday trips, bachelorette trips, trips with kids, adult-only trips, you name it. My favorite part of the job is taking the work out of planning for my clients and being that on-call resource for them. Planning a trip takes a lot of work, and even if you are someone who enjoys some of the planning, having an expert in your back pocket that you can reach out to at anytime is priceless. If you are planning a Disney trip for example, just tell me a little bit about you and your family, what your trip goals are, and I will prepare you an itinerary, get you reservations at your must-have restaurants, provide you with strategies to maximize your time at the park, and deal with any unexpected mishap that could possibly occur during your trip, so you can focus on relaxing and making memories that you and your family will never forget.

I am more than happy to provide you with a list of some of the best food items I have ate at Walt Disney World, as well as my favorite restaurants. If you hear rumors that Disney food is not good, don’t believe that mess. My family and I have experienced some incredible food at Disney. In my opinion, Topolino’s Terrace at the Disney Riviera Resort serves the best breakfast (and it’s a character meal with Mickey and his friends!) But I’d have to say my favorite lunch or dinner is from Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom. (Think the best Thanksgiving dinner you ever had with absolutely incredible dessert). AND it’s all you can eat. I’m licking my lips now just thinking about it!