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About Me

Loran is a travel planner who finds joy in creating magical moments for her clients! She’s also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Nurse Aide. Outside of being a mom, Loran loves to travel, go to church, and workout at Pure Barre (lifetime dancer here). Loran is looking forward to helping all of her travel clients create magical memories at Disney, or a blissful honeymoon in the Caribbean, or even a short trip to New York City for a girls weekend!


Meet Loran

Hi, Loran! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Loran! I’m from Kentucky and a mom to my Disney loving girls! As a child, my family always traveled as much as possible. My father made it a goal to make sure my brother and myself made it to all 50 states before graduating high school! Not only am I a travel agent, I’m also a licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Nurse Aide. Outside of work, you can usually find me spending time with my daughters, at church, or working out at Pure Barre – life long dancer here 🙂 

What are you most excited about with the future of travel?

Travel has been hit hard since COVID-19 struck 2020. However, many places have had to make changes and adapt. Some of the adaptations that have been made are so nice compared to pre-2020. While I cannot wait for the world to get back into a groove, I know traveling is about to be the best yet with how the world has had to adapt!

Why did you become a travel planner?

I became a travel planner because I’ve always had an itch for travel, and I love helping clients create all the magical moments at Disney, a blissful honeymoon in the Caribbean, or even a short trip to New York City for a girls weekend!  

What is your most memorable trip you planned for you or a client?

I think my most memorable trip that I’ve planned for a client has been for my best friend’s family. Her son is wheelchair bound and has cerebral palsy. Planning a Disney Trip and going over all the details to make sure they used all the available resources to make sure their trip was just as magical of a trip as any other trip was so worth it. My buddy had the VERY best time! Seeing pictures from any of my clients enjoy vacations always make me so happy and excited. Seeing her family photos with a big smile on her son’s face everyday has to be the best though! 

What's your favorite Disney snack?

My favorite disney snack is all of the different Dole Whips! Followed shortly by my oldest daughter’s must have- Churros! As TikToker Dapper Danielle says “Night, night. Sleep tight. Dream of Churros tonight!”