Amanda Sturdevant

Travel Professional

Amanda has been a travel agent for 3 years and loves it! She loves introducing her clients to new places and new adventures. Amanda worked at her local Disney Store for 7 years; so she knows a thing or two about being magical. Amanda is a recent breast cancer survivor and has learned that life is too short take the trip! I love helping people discover new places, get them out of their comfort zones and realizing this world is WAY too big to just sit still. Amanda looks forward to helping you plan your magical getaway!

Specializes in...

Disney Destinations

Universal Studios

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Line

Behind the Agent

I was born and raised in Louisville and have lived in Wilmore since 2006. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I enjoy baking, hiking, and collecting Minnie Ears.

I would go to Australia. I have always wanted to go because it’s exotic and on the other side of the world. My oldest daughter LOVES Australia and I think it would be amazing if we could all go on a family trip there someday!

I became a travel planner because I love WDW and all things Disney. I used to work for the Disney Store and one of my favorite things was to hear about people going to WDW and hear about their experiences. I sometimes felt as if I were on the trip with them. I enjoy being able to share the magic of Disney with others.

Amanda chose TCTCo. because it was small and like a family. She previously worked for another travel agency that was just way too big. She loves how you can always get and answer from someone/somewhere pretty quickly.

Her advice for someone going to Disney for the first time; soak it all in! You can’t do everything all in one trip! Take breaks, a rest day, water breaks etc. Don’t get caught up in the “gotta do it all” mentality. Enjoy the sweet, unexpected magical moments that Disney brings.

There are SO many Disney snacks that are incredible but my favorite would probably be The Dole Whip. It’s just enough sweetness with a little kick and its creamy and cold which make it a perfect snack for Florida weather…you just have to eat it quick!