Amanda Sturdevant

Travel Professional

Amanda Sturdevant is a travel professional who resides in Kentucky and she is beyond excited to be working with The Charming Travel Company. Amanda is ready to help plan, prepare, encourage and excite her clients as she transitions into this new role with The Charming Travel Company.  Amanda has been married for 15 years and has 3 beautiful children.  Amanda enjoys sharing Disney magic with others! Between 8 years experience at the The Disney Store, countless trips to Walt Disney World (somewhere around 25), as well as completing the College of Disney Knowledge, Universal Studios training and being certified commodore status with Princess Cruise Lines, she is well versed to help plan your trip. She enjoys history, loves coffee, running, animals, being outdoors, romantic comedies and of course all things Disney. Amanda can’t wait to help you experience the same joy that these destinations and family vacations have brought to her and her family!

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Walt Disney World

Disney Cruise Line

Universal Studios

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Behind the Agent

I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky but now reside in Wilmore, KY. I have been married for 15 years and have 3 amazing kids: Brooke, Allie, and Cameron. We have two dogs and two cats. I enjoy running, being outside, crafting, and drinking coffee. I love to collect Disney memorabilia.

I would go to Australia. I have always wanted to go because it’s exotic and on the other side of the world. My oldest daughter LOVES Australia and I think it would be amazing if we could all go on a family trip there someday!

I became a travel planner because I love WDW and all things Disney. I used to work for the Disney Store and one of my favorite things was to hear about people going to WDW and hear about their experiences. I sometimes felt as if I were on the trip with them. I enjoy being able to share the magic of Disney with others.

My advice for someone going to Disney for the first time is to contact a travel planner such as myself! Disney can be VERY overwhelming for someone which is why connecting with a travel planner is so important. I would tell them to pace themselves; drink lots of water; sunscreen is key and to HAVE FUN! So what if it rains; so what if you don’t get on Rise of the Resistance… those are THINGS. What you will KEEP are the memories you make with your family!

There are SO many Disney snacks that are incredible but my favorite would probably be The Dole Whip. It’s just enough sweetness with a little kick and its creamy and cold which make it a perfect snack for Florida weather…you just have to eat it quick!