Kristin Morford

Travel Professional

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Disney Destinations

Universal Studios

About me

Kristin is a true believer in magic, who wants to extend her passion for travel to your next adventure! An artist and former theatre nerd, she utilizes those skills to add special pixie dust to her planning including fun calls, cards and FaceTimes for her youngest travel clients! She can’t wait to get started making your trip a memory to last a lifetime!


Meet Kristin

Hi, Kristin! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in my home town of Lexington, KY with my wonderful husband, hilarious four year-old daughter, and complete hellion/snuggle-head of a rescue pup, Kit. 

We take Disney trips very seriously  and we have soooo much fun planning coordinating  “Disneybounding” outfits for our upcoming trips… Is it embarrassing to admit – we do this, sometimes months in advance – just for the fun of it ?! 

Asking for a friend …

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d love to visit France and Disneyland Paris 🇫🇷!

Why did you become a travel planner?

Disney and Harry Potter and travel are my obsessions, so it was a perfect fit for me to fully immerse myself in all 3 and become a Travel Advisor focusing on Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

What 3 words describe your travel style?

My travel style is : 

•Well planned days 

•Rest and recovery 

•More well planned days 

Which Disney Park is your favorite?

My favorite Disney park is EPCOT.

I will die on this hill.

(Think they’d notice if I just moved into the loft above Monsier Paul?)