Okay, so you really don’t have to be that tall to ride most of the rides at Walt Disney World. However, there are a few rides that will require your children to be a certain height.

It is important to note here that the height requirements are there as a safety measure. As the Imagineers design the rides, they are made based off certain height measures of the riders. They do measure children that are close to the cut off and the rule is they cannot be able to slide a piece of paper between the height marker and your child’s head. Nothing you stuff in a child’s shoe is going to change the physics of a ride. Just don’t do it.

For parents with children that are under the height requirement or just don’t feel like riding, don’t forget about the Rider Swap option! This gives your older children to ride certain rides, while parents swap and the little ones are free to eat a snack or explore a little bit elsewhere.

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