Are you ready to be #OfficiallyCharming?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed planning your next family adventure, trying to figure out what to do, what to see, or even what to eat? Have no fear! — We’ve braved the lines, taste tested the foods, and tried out every twisty-turny track to bring you the ULTIMATE guide to theme park, all inclusive, and cruise line must-dos (and must-don’ts!)

Introducing: #OfficiallyCharming — Our Seal of Approval for all things that are totally worth doing… and why! Follow along for things like…

🍦Foodie Finds: Ditch the boring stuff and say hello to dining on the edge of space or maybe safely on Earth right next to the Savanna! Maybe your inclinations are more royal with castle wishes or you’re a real foodie that wants to eat your way around the world! Your taste buds (and Instagram) will thank you!

🎢 Thrill Seeker’s Heaven: Forget the spinning teacups, it’s all about running velociraptors, racing lightcycles, magical motorbikes, and intergalactic spaceships here! Prepare for G-forces and goosebumps as we unveil the can’t miss rides at all the theme parks! And some daredevil excursions at your all inclusive or cruises!

🕶 Rest & Relaxation Retreat: Who says theme parks are all about chaos? Unwind after the screams in a sand-bottomed pool, checking out the spa, or maybe even some world class golfing. Trust us, whether rest or fun, these resorts are practically magic. ✨ Or maybe you want to skip the theme parks this trip and want all rest and relaxation — we’ve got you covered with our favorites too!

💎 Hidden Gems: When you visit the theme parks as often as we do for “research,” you find ways to sneak away from the hustle and bustle and take the road less traveled. We have the experience to help you make a truly unique trip for your family no matter the destination.

Are you ready to become a Charming Traveler and check out our Officially Charming picks?

So, Charming Travelers, what are YOUR theme park must-haves? Share your #OfficiallyCharming recommendations in the comments below or ask us about our favorites!

Let’s make this the ultimate travel resource! Welcome to #officiallycharming !

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