I joke all the time that getting ready for a Disney trip is like getting ready for a week long prom! It might be excessive, but I spend weeks planning my outfits, accessories, coordinating my family’s outfits, and planning out nails and hairstyles. There are usually spreadsheets involved.

I have an upcoming trip with some girl friends and the planning is a lot more collaborative than when it’s just with my family. Everyone has great taste and input and we are tossing ideas around…. with my family, it’s usually just reminders of staying within the budget and “I’m not wearing that.”

You’re thinking — “WHY are you putting that much work into Disney trip outfits?”

You know how people spend time and money to get cute family photos every year? You know those super cute fall or Christmas family photos? I don’t do those…. we do Disney pictures with our Memory Maker! So those pictures in front of the castle, tree, theater, and geodesic sphere? Those are the pictures that get sent out on our Christmas cards and shared all over social media. We gotta look good.

So, to help make this easier for you, I’ve created some style inspiration boards for you and your family or friends for your next Christmas Disney trip!

We gotta start with the classic Christmas colors and looks! This collage features some of the amazing new Christmas merchandise available at Disney this season! I’m a big fan of clothing items that can be mixed and matched with my regular wardrobe. So I’m a huge fan of this striped crop top. I’m super petite and between my high waisted jeans and skirts, I find crop tops to be the most flattering for my shape…. even thought I never actually show my belly! I also am a big fan of a solid colored swing skirt. Perfect for wearing everyday and mixing up for different Disneybound outfits. Lastly, the accessories are the key details that tie everything together. Go for the big loud Christmas earrings!

Inspiration comes from many places. In this case, the inspirations for these outfits came from my friend Brittany of Chronicles of a Pixie. She makes the most adorable and comfortable bowbands to bring a little bit of Disney magic to your everyday outfits! This amazing Pink Gingerbread Print Bowband inspired this entire design board. There is something so delicious about a pink Christmas! It reminds me of fluffy icing and candy. I think these colors would just look amazing in front of Cinderella’s newly painted castle!

I love bright unexpected colors and I love candy cane and peppermints. I took inspiration from another Chronicles of a Pixie bowband for this one. What I like about this look is that these are all colors we have in our closets right now! It’s just a matter of pulling them out and pairing them together. The blue jeans fit in perfectly with this palette too. So a perfect casual option. My new favorite striped shirt makes an appearance again in this board. Plus, can we all just appreciate the perfection that is the candy cane mini backpack?!

One of my favorite parts of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the parade and the toy soldiers are always a spectacle! This is a perfect ensemble piece. Since we are going to have to wear masks at Disney for the foreseeable future, why not have some fun with it? I put together a quick mock up of a mask you could design in the top left hand corner! Pair that with a “toy solider” shirt found with a quick Google search, black leggings for everyone in your party, and some red hats. If you wanted to get real authentic, I saw some how tos to DIY your own solider hat with some cardboard! So depending on how much effort you want to put into this…. Your have lots of options! You could also do red headbands or red sparkle Minnie ears with a yellow bow. Your only limit is your imagination!

I hope this has given you some inspiration to for your own Christmas outfits for your next trip to Disney World!

I’m off to purchase that amazing striped shirt now, but if you are ready to travel and considering a trip to a Disney Destination — contact one of our amazing TCTCo. Travel Professionals to help you!

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